Benjamin's Application

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Benjamin's Application

Post  iWackedStimpy on Wed Aug 04, 2010 6:45 pm

1) What are you applying for? (GM, or Intern) { A GM is when your held responsible for hacking, not obeying rules, etc. Intern is just to help, and you know your not THAT responsible and when the Admin checks on you, they will higher your GM level to a GM. }
2) What is your name?
3) How old are you? If your younger than 14, you may NOT apply. ( Do not say your 13, do not say your almost 14, do not say you 13 1/2, do not lie because I will find out based on your maturity, do not leave this blank )
4) How often will you go on?
Like 6/7 or 5/7
5) What is your Timezone?
its GMT +2:00 Jerusalem
6) Where do you live?
7) What will you do if you see someone hacking?
i'll Report to an Admin or Ban him myself.
How will you act towards a player who harasses you?
i will Just ignore him.
9) Are you positive that you are responsible for being a GM/Intern?
i Think so i Got some exp
10) What will you do if a ''noob'' begs for mesos, items, or NX?
i Will say dont be lazy and go get yourself
11) How will you treat Maple Voyagers?
i'll be Kind and nice but i won't give a way stuff and items.
12) You MUST agree to obey the Admin. Agree by saying "I agree".
i agree.


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